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Inspired by their impending clash in Germany on November 7th 2009, I simulated a fight between David Haye and Nikolai Valuev in my own award-winning boxing game, Reach. As with all contests in my games, it was a wildly entertaining affair! Here's how it unfolded - as told by 30 high quality screenshots...

A confident David Haye strolls to the ring.

Confidence wanes as a 7ft Valuev looms at ringside!

Even the referee is taken aback by the size of Valuev.

The size difference seems insurmountable as the 2 fighters circle each other.

David Haye sets a precedent by aiming low.

Haye continues to make progress by focusing on the stomach.

Valuev begins to respond with effortless jabs and forces Haye to block.

A shot gets through to Haye's face and sends him reeling across the ring.

Haye slumps to the floor and all seems lost in the 1st round.

Haye survives to the 2nd round and begins aiming VERY low!

Valuev is put on the back-foot, but dodges jabs surprisingly well.

Haye winds up his right hand for a shot to the head.

An unbelievably powerful Haye-maker sends Valuev reeling!

Valuev collapses to the floor in a rare knockdown.

Valuev returns to his feet promptly and claims not be hurt as the round ends.

Haye begins pulling at Valuev's body and makes him feel small.

Another powerful headshot unsettles Valuev.

Valuev falls to one knee by the ropes and finally seems vulnerable.

Valuev returns to his feet and slows the match down by clutching Haye.

Valuev weighs heavy on Haye and stalks his weakened opponent.

A stiff left hand from Valuev knocks Haye off his feet!

Haye returns to his feet and winds up the right hand for another Haye-maker.

A thunderous right hook connects perfectly and flattens the giant.

Valuev survives into the 6th round and begins to rain punches down on Haye, knocking him down twice.

In a controversial finish worthy of a wrestling match, Valuev throws out a wild right hand that knocks down both Haye AND the referee!!!

There is controversy as Haye gets away with not being counted out as there was no referee to do it. Upon regaining consciousness, the referee awards a TKO victory to Valuev regardless.

The messy final scorecard after lots of knockdowns. Valuev also wins on points.

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