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The Rise And Fall Of The MPire
As a remarkable career comes to an end, relive every step of the journey with The Rise And Fall Of The MPire - which features every single MDickie release on ONE priceless disc! All 20 published releases are provided here in their most up-to-date forms, charting almost a decade of prolific game development. See an art form evolve before your very eyes - from the early 2D games and 3D experiments to the polished masterpieces that left nothing else to achieve. Experience the highs and lows of a career built on risks, before settling down on the shores of destiny with The You Testament - a profoundly personal project that made it all worthwhile. As each piece of the puzzle falls into place, we're left with the inspiration that no creative endeavour begins or ends in vain...
* New for 2012 featuring over 1gb of bonus material:
- All games (i.e. Under Development and Remix) in their most up-to-date form.
- All Flash games provided as standalone executables.
- All of the original DOS games - complete with DOS-Box to load them on Windows.
- All 3 books and press cuttings available to read in PDF format.
- All game themes provided as high quality MP3s.
- Extended video montages in their original format.
- Full source code for every single Blitz 3D project.
- 3D models and animation files provided in their original .MAX format.
- Texture templates for each body part.

Inspiration For The Interactive Generation
Gaming's most outspoken character finally speaks out about himself! For almost a decade, Mat Dickie electrified the games industry with his prolific output. He used unconventional methods to create unconventional games, and redefined what could be achieved by one man. Audiences responded accordingly and ensured his underground rumblings would resonate around the world. For the first time ever, the true story behind that fascinating period is documented in this comprehensive book. In his own words, Mat takes us on an emotional journey from the childhood dream to the adult that lived it out. Along the way, we learn about the life experiences that shaped his character and fuelled his resolve - and we get the final word on why it had to come to an end. You've played the games behind the life. Now get acquainted with the life behind the games...
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Former game designer, Mat Dickie, turns his attention to games of a different kind in this light-hearted exploration of man's favourite pastime! In his new role as a religious educator, he draws out the spiritual significance of sport and gives us a parable fit for the 21st century. From the nature of existence and the meaning of life to the benefits of meditation and the key to success, no stone is left unturned in this extraordinary interpretation of the world's major faiths. Sportuality will turn your passion for sport into passion for a life well lived...
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A-fear-ism: The Ignorance Of Atheism
At a point in time when every other person is an unblinking atheist, A-fear-ism offers the most cogent argument against the movement yet. Dispensing with philosophical jargon and pretentious posturing, religious educator Mat Dickie brings a refreshing dose of common sense to the debate. He exposes the ignorant assumptions made by the cynical mind, and reveals the arguments against religion to be anything but "rational". As the title of the book suggests, he considers atheism to be "the irrational fear of religion" - and leaves us in no doubt that we embrace such a negative world view to our detriment...
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