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Wrestling Encore

Everything so far has been a warm-up act... get ready for the main event! Following the cult success of 2004's Wrestling MPire, the world's biggest and most innovative wrestling simulator is back and better than ever for a Wrestling Encore! It takes the same revolutionary contract-driven career mode and fulfills its potential with improved graphics, animation, sound, and gameplay. Create your own wrestling wannabe from scratch, and then immerse them in a gigantic universe of over 200 wrestlers spread across 6 major promotions. Negotiate the big-money deals that will make you rich, win the high-profile matches that will make your name, and develop the backstage relationships that will determine your fate - as you play through an endless schedule of possibilities. Or simply blow off steam with the wildest in-ring action that a PC can handle - featuring up to 30 characters on screen, and up to 100 fully interactive items and weapons!
Contains acts of extreme violence and a potentially addictive Career mode.
Requires a PC compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher. 1.6gHz processor recommended.

Boxed Version
Click to order the official boxed CD version of the game. It comes in a fully decorated jewel case, complete with a pull-out instructions summary and exclusive bonus material - including source code extracts, graphical templates, and demos of all previous games. The product ships from California USA, so please anticipate shipping costs and delays for international orders. For security reasons, this is the only option that can benefit from downloadable updates...

Downloadable Version v1.6
Click to download a special trial version of the full game. You can load it up 3 times, free of charge, after which you must register at full price to continue. Orders are processed in US Dollars ($14.99), but international currencies are welcome and should be translated automatically. For security reasons, this option cannot benefit from the downloadable updates (although it does come as the latest version as standard). Registered owners of earlier versions should be able to upgrade to v1.6 for free. Please contact SoftWrap directly if you have any trouble doing so...
Alternative Download Location ( v1.6)

Demo Version
Click to download the official demo of the game. In the interests of a small download, please appreciate that many features have been restricted and/or reduced in quality. It merely gives you a chance to play a preset one-one-match in a preset arena. Take this simply a test to see that the game works on your computer, and then read the official preview or download the trial version to learn more about the full game...
Alternative Download Location

Version 1.6 Update
Bring the boxed game up to date with Booking Encore courtesy of this free patch. It features all 5 brand new moves from that second instalment - complete with the revolutionary new "stumbling" system! You can also enjoy the more finely-tuned gameplay and a catalogue of other adjustments - including character models with ears, face-to-face tracking, and access to the thumbtacks weapon! With the new self-extracting executable, you can't go wrong. Simply take care to enter the correct directory of your installation, and the files will automatically find their place. And once installed, you can view all modifications in the "Version History.txt" document. Naturally, the new moves won't be distributed among your existing characters - so you may like to make a concerted effort to do that too (and then back-up to the "Data/Default/" folder to avoid doing so again)...
Requires an installation of the boxed full game.

Real World Patch
Click to download a collection of alternative graphics and data files that transform the Wrestling MPire into the real world! It features the USA's World Wrestling Federation, the UK's Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Japan's New Japan Pro Wrestling, shoot fighting's Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Mexico's Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre. The rosters within feature real wrestlers too (although liberties have been taken to ensure an even spread). The transformation is completed by a selection of authentic aprons, canvases, t-shirts, title belts, and even a genuine tabloid newspaper! Simply enter your game's directory and the files should find their place. You must then use the game's "Reset World" command before the changes take effect...
Requires an installation of the full game.

Teknoman's Encore 3D Pack
Unofficial game mods tend to take the form of stray bits & pieces rather anything structured, but this ambitious Wrestling Encore overhaul takes a shot at everything - from the models and animations through to the textures and sounds. Such a thorough transformation may be a little overwhelming if you're a fan of the classic look, but if boredom has set in after all these years this might just be the change of scenery you need to enjoy the game all over again! Simply extract its contents to an up-to-date installation of the game and you should be good to go. Please note that it has nothing to do with me though, so you should direct any queries to the mod's creator at this forum  - where you can discuss the project and find out more about it...
Requires an installation of the latest version of full game.

Fan Material @ The MPire Mall

Visit this forum to follow the progress of some other impressive fan content, and perhaps contribute your own. It disposes of my cartoony graphics and replaces them with the photo-realistic visuals that you'd expect from a mainstream release. Unfortunately, official websites aren't forthcoming - so you'll have to persevere with the discussions and hunt down what you're looking for...

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