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Tour Of Duty

This game can be found on
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The Popscene Playlist

The best thing about Popscene
is that you can bring your own
CD collection to life! This article lists some good examples, and
explains what to look for...




Build your own act, of any kind, and then guide them to fame and fortune. On the rocky road to a record deal, you'll hire talent, produce songs, release albums - and perform the material LIVE in glorious 3D! All in a bid to secure the rave reviews that will catapult you to the top of the charts and into the history books. Professional success is only half the battle though. Your personal life is just as important - as you attempt to negotiate contracts, manage your finances, schedule concerts, and endure soul-destroying scandals! All the while trying to satisfy your demanding boss, restless employees, and fickle fans. With over 100 rival artists, spread across 6 unique record labels, the competition has never been tougher. Have you got what it takes to make an impact?
Requires a PC compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher. 800mHz processor recommended.

Boxed Version
Click to order the official boxed CD version of the game. It comes in a fully decorated jewel case, complete with a pull-out instructions summary and exclusive bonus material - including source code extracts and over 20mb of extra MP3's to use with the game! The game ships from California USA, so please anticipate shipping costs and delays for international orders. For security reasons, this is the only option that can benefit from downloadable updates...

Downloadable Version v1.2
Click to download a special trial version of the full game. You can load it up 3 times, free of charge, after which you must register at full price to continue. Orders are processed in US Dollars ($14.99), but international currencies are welcome and should be translated automatically. For security reasons, this option cannot benefit from the downloadable updates (although it does come as the latest version as standard). Registered owners of earlier versions should be able to upgrade to v1.2 for free. Please contact SoftWrap directly if you have any trouble doing so...
Alternative Download Location ( v1.2)
Alternative Download Location ( v1.1)

Demo Version
Click to download the official demo of the game. In the interests of a small download, many features are restricted and/or reduced in quality. It limits you to a preset selection of characters, and a minimal range of costumes. You can only perform at one preset location too. Take this simply a test to see that the game works on your computer, and then read the official preview or download the trial version to learn more about the full game...
Not compatible with NVidia cards.

Version 1.2 Update
Click to download a v1.2 patch for the boxed full game. Coming so early, there's nothing major in there. However, you can enjoy a wider range of review comments and song names in the charts. The closest thing to a bug fix is a little quirk in negotiations which has been resolved. Artists from The Underground no longer take exception to "endorsement" royalties if the rest of the deal is satisfactory, and mission deadlines are a little more reasonable. You should also find that this patch makes the game compatible with NVidia cards (if that's become a problem since you first acquired the game)...
Requires an installation of the boxed full game.
Orders placed as of July 2006 may be v1.2 as standard.

Real World Patches
The following patches transform Popscene's fictitious world into something altogether more familiar. Simply extract the files into an installation of the full game, and you can enjoy real names for the artists and labels (including authentic logos and t-shirts). There's even a real-life newspaper cutting to make the transformation complete! There are 2 separate patches to suit your taste. One is limited to just the artist names, whereas the other transforms the entire world:
Real World Patch: Artists Only (120kb)
Real World Patch: Artists & Labels (180kb)
Take care to install the files correctly (using WinZip's "Extract" option) - otherwise the game will crash!
Also note that both patches RESET the existing world and will almost certainly ruin any careers in progress!

European Edition

Players in Europe may like to check out the German language version that has been put together by Netmin eK. Going by the generic title of Popstar Manager, this is essentially the same game - but with German translations of the plentiful text. The revamped project also features a smattering of improved visuals here and there, so it might be worth checking out if your language skills match up! Although I'm not responsible for it, I did license the project so you can rest assured that it's all above board. Just be sure to direct any queries to the German operation that presides over this incarnation...

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