9/11 Interview


~ September 2001 ~
By the time the planes had flown into the Twin Towers, I was making headway as an
game developer. This poignant interview with Tony Graziano catches my gut reaction,
and reveals that paranoia about tanned faces affected games as much as airports!

Can you give us some background information on yourself?
I was born in a place called Grimsby, in England. I recently moved to Manchester where i am fortunate enough to study videogames at university. I am now 20 years old.

What inspired you to make games?
I've always had a penchant for creating entertainment of all kinds. Over the years, videogames have grown to be my preferred platform. I see a lot of potential in interactive entertainment. I'm planning things that most people can't even begin to imagine. The thought of bringing those ideas to life is my inspiration.

How experienced are you?
I released my first game in August 2000, so i've really only been making games for a year. I've encountered all the usual languages, but DIV and Dark BASIC are the only ones that i've used successfully so far.

Have you gotten any complaints on the Arabic-looking terrorist in the crowd of Federation Online even though it has been in for a while?
There is no Arabian terrorist in Federation Online, and his being Arabic wouldn't make him a terrorist! I haven't received any complaints about it and I hope I never do.

Do you have any plans on having counter moves or create a wrestler for Federation Online?
Create-a-wrestler is completely out of the question. Counter moves are quite possible, but i would argue that screwing moves up already provides that gameplay.

Any other features planned for federation online?
Federation Online may not receive any more updates - maybe one more at the most. I will stop making DIV games soon, due to the alarming number of technical problems. If you ever see the game again it will probably be in Blitz BASIC.

Are any more match types planned for Federation Online?
No, for the reasons above.

What are your thoughts on this whole US tragedy and the war?
Well you may have noticed that i've temporarily American-ized my logo as a mark of respect. I may be British, but it's common knowledge that at least 80% of my audience is American so i felt i should address it in some way. Being a huge wrestling fan for the past 10 years, whose only heroes are American, i have developed a lot of admiration and respect for the country. It has long been my
intention to move to America, and fortunately my career in videogames is proving to be the perfect excuse to do that. When that time comes, i will have the honour of living in an America that has overcome this tragedy and grown stronger still...

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