First Preview

The next 2D game on the way is a fantasy version of Federation Online. The story goes that the promotion has a new booker, Vince MechMahon, who grows tired of the unreliable human wrestlers and replaces them with wrestling robots. As the TV ratings soar, the humans fear for their future and vow to combine their efforts to destroy the machines. Can traditional wrestling come through, or will it be crushed forever? 

Wrobot Wars
The game format will be different to that of Federation Online, because you're no longer putting on a show - you out there to kill. As the player, you are in charge of the humans as they step into the ring against robotic opponents. Your aim is to put the Wrobots out of action in the same way that you would "injure" a human. When a Wrobot is broken down it will take time out to be repaired, like a human does, so you must make it so that Vince MechMahon has no Wrobots available. Only then will he be forced to restore traditional wrestling...

Assemble Your Team
Being a good leader is vital to winning the game. The Wrobots are tremendously powerful, although some will have other specialties, so you must choose the best humans for the job. The human guys will need every advantage to come out on top, but you may not always be able to choose the best guy thanks to low health and injuries. You can't always afford to wait for your wrestlers to heal, because the Wrobots will also take the opportunity to get repaired. This means the war could last any amount of time - it doesn't end until a species is destroyed...


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