Grass Roots

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The Squared Circle

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Grass Roots

Having redefined genres for the past 5 years, the concept king turns his magic touch to soccer - and delivers the most character-driven interpretation of the sport seen yet! Leave the professional experience on the bench, and rediscover your roots playing real people with real stories. Create your own sporting saviour from scratch and embark on a campaign for world domination - sampling the culture of each continent and challenging their heroes. Match after match, you'll gain loyal followers and confront bitter rivals as you shimmy your way through a political minefield. But once that dream team has been formed, all that remains is to hit the pitch for the most dramatic sporting action on the planet! When you get back to basics and passion is all that matters, will your roots be strong enough?
Requires a PC compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher. 1.6gHz processor recommended.

Boxed Version $14.99
Click to order the official boxed CD version of the game. It comes in a fully decorated jewel case, complete with a pull-out instructions summary and exclusive bonus material - including source code extracts, graphical templates, and demos of all previous games. The product ships from California USA, so please anticipate shipping costs and delays for international orders. For security reasons, this is the only option that can benefit from downloadable updates...

Downloadable Version v1.3
Click to download a special trial version of the full game. You can load it up 3 times, free of charge, after which you must register at full price to continue. Orders are processed in US Dollars ($14.99), but international currencies are welcome and should be translated automatically. For security reasons, this option cannot benefit from the downloadable updates (although it does come as the latest version as standard). Registered owners of earlier versions should be able to upgrade to v1.3 for free. Please contact SoftWrap directly if you have any trouble doing so...
Alternative Download Location ( v1.3)

Demo Version
Click to download the official demo of the game. In the interests of a small download, please appreciate that many features have been restricted and/or reduced in quality. It merely gives you a chance to play a preset match between 2 preset teams. Take this simply a test to see that the game works on your computer, and then read the official preview or download the trial version to learn more about the full game...

Version 1.3 Update
Bring the boxed game up to date with the download and beyond courtesy of this free patch. It gives you an exclusive first glimpse of the "focused head" breakthrough that World War Alpha has pioneered! Each character's head now smoothly tracks the ball at all times - just like they would in real life. Elsewhere, the perfectionists among you can also enjoy plenty of fine-tuning in the Campaign and Pass & Shoot modes - ensuring that everything pans out properly. Simply use this new executable to load the boxed game, and head for the "Version History.txt" document to familiarize yourself with all the modifications...
Requires an installation of the boxed full game.

Texture Templates
If you're planning to make your own kits or balls, you can get off to a productive start with this collection of graphical templates. They'll make sure the measurements are correct, so all you have to worry about is creating your own designs! Just be sure to "Extract" so that each set of templates are placed in their own folder...
These files are already provided in the "Bonus Material" of the boxed CD.

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