Popscene: Track 2



Popscene: Track 2

The intro is over, so turn the volume up for "Track 2" of MDickie's landmark music industry sim! This re-mixed version of Popscene brings you the same great concept in its most polished form. Construct your own act from hundreds of uniquely gifted artists and bring their work to life with the most impressive 3D visuals the series has ever enjoyed. The range of venues has exploded to a staggering 20 different locations - each of which has been carefully refurbished for this instalment. All you have to worry about is filling them with adoring fans! Doing so is more challenging than ever thanks to sophisticated new game mechanics that more accurately link your talent to your progress. And along the way you'll have to tip-toe your way through TWICE as many backstage meetings that make your chosen career a political minefield. A lot can change over the years in the music business. Have you still got what it takes to top the charts?
Requires a PC compatible with DirectX graphics. 1.6gHz processor recommended. Vista users may experience difficulties on "limited accounts" and are advised to run the program as an "administrator"...

Boxed Version
Click to order the official boxed CD. It's the purest way to own the game, and features an extended selection of music! The product ships from the USA, so please anticipate shipping costs and delays for international orders. For security reasons, this is the only option that can benefit from downloadable updates...
The boxed game is also available from CafePress

Downloadable Version
Click to download a special trial version of the full game. You can load it up 3 times, free of charge, after which you must register at full price to continue. Orders are processed in US Dollars ($16.99), but international currencies are welcome and should be translated automatically. For security reasons, this option cannot benefit from the downloadable updates (although it does come as the latest version as standard)...
Alternative Download Location (

Alternative Download Location (TryMedia)

High Resolution Textures
Get the game looking its best with these high resolution versions of the costume textures. Simply use WinZip to extract the contents to your game's "Characters" folder and you should notice the difference. Be warned though - they're excluded by default because they greatly increase loading times and damage performance on slower computers! You may want to consider backing up the low resolution originals in case your gaming experience is negatively affected...

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